Delhi Solar Policy

Highlight of Delhi Solar Policy 2016

Notified by The Government of NCT of Delhi (GNCTD)
Operative period 2016-2020
Eligible entities All electricity consumers under all electricity tariff in Delhi and to all entities that setup and operate power plants in Delhi.
Target for FY 19 294 MW
Generation based Incentive (GBI)
  • The State shall offer a limited-time GBI for existing and future Net Metered connections in the domestic/residential segment only. This GBI will reduce payback time and increase adoption.
  • GBI is being offered for 3 years only, starting from the date of taking effect of the Policy.
  • GBI will be paid on a first-come-first-served basis until the funds earmarked for GBI run out.
Term of GBI availability Until September 2019
GBI Eligibility Domestic / residential segment only on first come first serve basis.
GBI Rate / unit ₹ 2.00 /kWh
Min Generation Limit 1,100 kWh / kWp solar energy units (kWh) generated per annum per kWp
Max Generation Limit 1,500 kWh / kWp solar energy units (kWh) generated per annum per kWp
GBI payment mode Shall be paid in consumers electricity bill at the end of the year by BRPL

Other Benefits

Exemption from payment of Electricity Tax and Cess In order to promote clean and green energy and reduce the pollution burden on the capital, all Municipal Corporations of Delhi shall work towards and notify the exemption of Electricity Tax (currently 5%) for solar energy units generated, whether for self-consumption or supplied to the grid. In other words, Electricity Tax will be applicable only on Net Consumption Charges billed by the DISCOM at the applicable rate.
Exemption from conversion charges Residential consumers opting to implement solar plants to sell power to the grid shall be exempted from the conversion charges requirement of house tax to commercial tax.
Building Byelaws
  • The height of the module structure carrying solar panels shall not be counted towards the total height of the building as permitted by building bylaws, except near airports where building regulations issued by the Airports Authority of India take precedence.
  • No approval will be required from concerned Municipal Corporation or other Urban Development Bodies like the DDA for putting up solar plants including any additional system for monitoring the performance of solar plant in existing or new buildings.
  • The support structure on which rooftop solar panels are installed shall be a temporary structure built in accordance with local building codes.