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Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission
(Net Metering for Renewable Energy) Regulations, 2014


Notified by Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission
Scope and Application
  • These Regulations shall apply to such consumers who are a buyer of energy/electricity from the distribution licensee in its area of supply and the distribution licensee.
  • The Renewable Energy System shall comply with the standards and technical specifications as may be prescribed from time to time under the applicable law.
Guidelines for implementation of DERC (Net Metering for Renewable Energy) Regulations, 2014 Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission has formulated the guidelines for effective and proper implementation of the Net Metering Regulations 2014. The same can be accessed here

Important Definitions

Connection Agreement means the agreement entered into for connecting Renewable Energy Source to the Distribution system;
Interconnection point means the interface of Renewable Energy source with the network of distribution licensee;
Net meter means an appropriate energy meter capable of recording both import & export of electricity or a pair of meters one each for recording the net import and net export of electricity as the case may be;
Premises includes any land, building, structure or rooftop or part or combination thereof;
Renewable energy generator means the person, which may either be the consumer of the premises or any third party, who is responsible for generating electricity from Renewable Energy sources installed at the consumer’s premises
Renewable energy meter refers to a unidirectional energy meter, installed and used solely to record the renewable energy generation from the Renewable Energy System installed at the consumer’s premises
Procedure for Application and Registration The procedure for connectivity of Renewable Energy System under Regulation 6 of Net Metering Regulations, 2014 is a three tier process:
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Registration
  • Connection Agreement
The timelines for the procedure is as under :
  • For Application Approval by Discom: 30 days
  • For Registration Approval by Discom: 45 days
  • PV system installation by Consumer: 1 year
  • After PV system installation, Site inspection and Net meter installation by Discom: 15 days

For details relating to application fees and documents required refer the DERC guidelines.

General Conditions
  • The Renewable Energy Generator may install grid interactive Renewable Energy system with or without battery backup.
  • The capacity of Renewable Energy system to be installed at the Premises of any consumer shall not be less than one kilo watt peak.
  • o Capacity can be up to sanctioned load or can be enhanced if the Customer pays the applicable SLD charges as per DERC Supply Code
  • The capacity of Renewable Energy System to be installed at any premises shall be subject to;
    • the feasibility of interconnection with the grid
    • the available capacity of the service line connection of the consumers of the premises;
    • the sanctioned load of the Consumer of the premises;
Billing and Energy Accounting
  • The Distribution Licensee shall show, separately, the energy units exported, the energy units imported, the net energy units billed and/or the energy units carried forward, if any, to the consumer in their bill for the respective billing period.
  • If during any billing period, the export of units exceeds the import of units consumed, such surplus units injected by the consumer shall be carried forward to the next billing period as energy credit and shown as energy exported by the consumer for adjustment against the energy consumed in subsequent billing periods within the settlement period.
  • During any billing cycle, the distribution licensee shall raise invoice for the net electricity consumption, as per applicable tariff, only after adjusting / netting off of the unadjusted energy credits of the previous billing cycle(s).
  • The surplus energy measured in kilo-watt hour shall be utilized to offset the consumption measured in kilo-watt hour only unless otherwise allowed by the Commission from time to time. In case the Consumer is billed on kVAh, during injection of surplus energy to the grid, the Power Factor shall be assumed equal to unity.
  • At the end of the each Financial Year, any net energy credits, which remain unadjusted, shall be paid for by the distribution licensee to the consumers as per the rates notified by the Commission from time to time.
Metering Arrangement
  • Meters shall be Meter Reading instrument (MRI) compliant or AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) or AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) compliant for recording meter readings.
  • The cost of Renewable Energy Meter shall be borne by the distribution licensee and the cost of Net Meter shall be borne by the consumer of the premises.
  • The Net Meters to be installed for the consumers of the premises under the ambit of time of day tariff shall be time of day (ToD) compliant.